High Key Portrait

My first attempt at "high key" photography. I tried to get as much light as possible with all the lamps I had lying around... I feel like I could use real studio lighting though. My goal was to take an image that was over exposed but not blown out. Also, I wanted to make the background lighter than the foreground. Since that didn't work out, I had to extract her in photoshop and put her on a new background.

I did most of the initial desaturation (except blue of course) and exposure adjustments in lightroom. Then I brought her into photoshop and cut her out. I found myself exploring around photoshop trying to figure out how to remove the background from within her hair. I think I had more layers with different blends and opacities than probably any of the other photos I have posted.

Canon 350D (RAW)
1/80 sec at f/5.6, ISO 200
21mm (17.0-50.0mm f/2.8 Tamron)

Adjustments made in Lightroom:
- Camera Profiles, Basic adjustments, tone curve, clarity, contrast, desaturation,

Adjustments made in Photoshop:
- Noise Ninja
- extracted the model
- blended onto the new background
- used the spot healing brush
- dodged and burned
- two rounds of high-pass sharpening technique (only on the eyes and mouth)
- slight output sharpening and border

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