This is an HDR Panoramic shot of Pittsburgh from the top of Mt. Washington. I was up there Saturday night and I took 5 bracketed shots for a total of 15 images. I then made 3 different panoramic images of the city using photomerge in photoshop. I then put all three images in the same file as different layers and realigned them. Then, I saved them out and created a high dynamic range image using photomatix. I used their tonemapping feature and saved it out as a 16 bit tiff. I brought it back into lightroom and made a few adjustments in lightroom and photoshop before saving it out for web.

Canon 40D (RAW)
different settings @ ISO 100
17mm (17.0-50.0mm f/2.8 Tamron)


Anonymous said...

Can you come to NYC and do that so I can print it and hang it in my apt..please..
oh..the picture is pretty sick..

molly said...

I love this picture. You can't tell online, but you can read the signs on the buildings, etc. It's very sharp.

Anonymous said...

The picture is amazing!! Nice work!